Modadji Premium Amenities

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Modadji  Premium Amenities

A tribute to the African Rain Queen and the blessing of her benevolence. It’s the relief of raindrops splashing on cracked ground; the calm of a deep inhale; the stillness at the end of the day.

It is a first-class range of guest amenities, sure to be enjoyed by every guest who visits your establishments.

This range is now Eco-friendly .

Sustainable Packaging

  • Bottles made with 50% recycled PET

PET bottles are made of one of the few polymers that can be recycled into the same form – a new beverage bottle – again and again. This neatly closes the recycling loop and enables 'cradle to cradle' packaging solutions.

  • Labels are made from Recycled Paper
  • Labelled with compatible adhesive

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