Contract Linen T300 100% Cotton Sateen White

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Contract Linen are manufactured on Order. 

Lead Time 7 - 10 Working Days depending on Quantity

Minimum Order Value R7 000;00

Our Standard and Quality of Manufacturing
Duvet Covers and Pillow Cases

  • Duvet covers are manufactured with
  • 50cm envelope finish. Various Competitors only do 30cm
  • Oxford Flaps on Duvet Covers are 7cm wide and Pillow Cases 5cm.Various competitors offer 5cm on Duvet Covers and 3 cm on Pillow Cases
  • Satin Stitch backed with embroidery backing; giving the Stitch height and prevents the fabric from pulling.


  • All Flat sheets are Extra Length, 270 cm. Various Competitors make Flat sheets 250cm in length.
  • Standard Flat sheets have a 10cm Seam at the Top. Various competitors only do a 1cm hem
  • A Standard Mattress is 190cm long and min 25cm deep - a 250 long flat sheet will only allow 5cm top and bottom to tuck under the mattress, ,if mattress is 28 cm only 2 cm to tuck in…….


  • Fitted sheets are elasticated 360 degrees. Various Competitors only put elastic in the 4 corners.
  • Depth of fitted sheets are 30cm. Various Competitors make standard fitted sheets 23 – 26 cm deep.
  • Extra Depth fitted sheets are a generous 40cm.


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