Hungarian Goose Down Inners - 60% Goose Down 40% Goose Feather

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This Hungarian goose down duvet inner is lightweight and, because it is 60 percent down, regulates to your body temperature to ensure a comfortable night’s rest.

Hungarian goose down duvet inner made from top quality down, the light and fluffy layer of fine feathers that insulates in extreme temperatures.

Goose down, which has the largest and fluffiest barbles, is the most breathable and lightweight down

Down naturally regulates to the temperature of your body by trapping pockets of air, so the higher the down content of the duvet, the more insulation it provides

Encased with 100% cotton down-proof fabric, so no filling can escape

Anti-allergenic and suitable for house dust mite allergy sufferers

All down and feathers used are sourced ethically

Fabric Casing

  • Thread count: 233 thread count  100% cotton downproof


  • Hungarian goose down: 60%
  • Feathers: 40%

Tog Rating 10.5


  • Three Quarter  150cm x 200cm
  • Double             200cm x 200cm
  • Queen:             230cm x 200cm
  • King:                230cm x 220cm
  • Super King:     260cm x 230cm

Pillow Inners

  • Standard           45cmx70cm
  • King                  50cmx90cm

Care Instructions

  • Adhere to washing instructions on the label and ensure that the duvet is completely dry before use
  • Washing machine and tumble dryer safe
  • Lifespan between 2 and 10 years, depending on care

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