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Introducing our Shampoo & Shower Bar; a product dedicated to making as little of a negative impact on our environment as possible. Here is to fewer waste possibilities and futures.

An innovative offering, first of its kind to be offered in the hospitality industry. Our
Shampoo & Shower Bars play a big role in our environmental journey.

These unique Shampoo & Shower Bars ensure guests have a premium amenities
experience, without the waste and expense.

By choosing a Shampoo & Shower Bar, you are removing 2 liquid products (shampoo & body wash) and replacing it with a waste free option. - Plastic Free - Waste Free - Made using No Water

Each 25g Bar offers up to 20 Washes! 

Our Shampoo & Shower Bars are now available in the following Ranges

  • The African Stillroom – With added active Charcoal
  • Tranquillity
  • Terra Firma

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