Piano Whisks

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This whisk gets its name from the look of the wires, which resemble piano strings. This is the whisk most commonly found in residential and commercial kitchens.

You may have also heard this whisk referred to as a balloon whisk because the shape looks similar to that of a hot air balloon. If you could only have one type of whisk in your kitchen, you would be best served to select the piano whisk.

Thesewhisk make a good general utensil for blending, whipping and beating a wide variety of products in think to medium textures. You can use a piano whisk to whip cream, beat eggs for omelets or egg whites for meringue, and they are ideal for many batters. The round shape of the whisk wires fits well in round bowls and many pots and pans.

 The shortcoming of a piano whisk is dry ingredients or dense mixtures can clump up between the wires. While it is ideal for beating eggs or liquids, it is not your best choice for dense or dry batters or dough.

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