Make a small change today and contribute to #SustainableTourism.

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Sustainable Amenities

We have taken the leap and dropped all amenities that contributes to Plastic Pollution.

We now only supply amenities that contribute to #SustainableTourism.
We offer sustainable guest amenity solutions with packaging that not only looks great and fulfils its purpose but is also environmentally responsible!

The bottles are made from 100% recycled PET (rPET) and labelled with recycled paper and compatible adhesive.

Boxes are Recycled paper and Shower Caps are Certified Bioplastic.

Not only will no new plastic enter the system, the current increase in demand for rPET is pushing the recycling industry to reclaim more material before it’s lost to the system. These rPET bottles are 100% recyclable.

Shampoo & Shower Bars

Next Level #Sustainable and #enviromentallyfriendly Amenities -Shampoo & Shower Bars

An innovative offering, first of its kind to be offered in the hospitality industry ensure guests have a premium amenities experience, without the waste and expense.

By choosing a Shampoo & Shower Bar, you are removing 2 liquid products (shampoo & body wash) and replacing it with a Single waste free option. - Plastic Free - Waste Free - Made using No Water.

The waterless shampoo & body wash bars have saved over 100000 litres of water in 1 year.

The Shampoo and Shower Bars are water free, plastic free and cruelty free. Produced by a Proudly South African factory which adheres to the highest standards, using locally sourced ingredients.

The Shampoo & Shower Bars are available in the following Ranges.

• African Spa
• Terra Firma
• The Stillroom
• Tranquillity

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