Get your Guest Rooms ready for winter

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With winter just a couple of months away it's time to start thinking about pulling out the throws and winter blankets.

If yours have been packed away in a cupboard for the past six months perhaps now is the time to refresh and fluff them up.

Refresh your duvet inner

If you have invested in a quality duvet you'll want to keep it looking and feeling good for as long as possible. While the temperature is still hot, freshen up your duvet on the washing line, and let the sun and air naturally clean and deodorise.

If your duvet inner is machine washable, like our Microfiber and Natural Cotton Duvet Inners, pop them into the washing machine - or soak in the bath - every 6 months or so to keep it in good condition. Larger inners may need to be taken to the launderette.

Check the care label for washing instructions, but if in doubt go for a small amount of mild laundry detergent and a gentle, cool wash. Hang outside on the washing line to air completely before putting back on the bed.

Clean the mattress
It’s amazing to think what you shed on a bed! Up to 2 Kilograms of dead skin cells a YEAR!

Save yourself from cleaning it with a good mattress protector that you can strip off and pop in the washing machine regularly. Failing that… Mattress

Use a good quality vacuum cleaner to clean the mattress every week to remove dust, dead skin and bed bugs (mites). If you have a Hydro vacuum cleaner you can use this to clean the top of the mattress every 3 to 4 months, but do check the manufacturer's instructions before you do, as some advise against this in case the filling is disturbed. In that case, regularly wipe the covering of the mattress with a just-damp cloth and a few drops of tea tree oil.

Avoid stains by using a mattress protector, but if you do get marks, dab them with a good carpet cleaner or detergent and make sure the mattress is dry before making up the bed

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