What is Percale?

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What is Percale? 

A closely woven, fabrics from very fine yarn that’s smooth. It is usually made of cotton from a minimum of 180 threads per square inch. The thickness of the yarn must be a minimum count of 40 in the warp and 40 in the weft

It's About the Weave – Percale(Basket Weave vs Sateen Weave)

•           The two most popular choices for bed sheets are percale and sateen. These terms refer to the type of weave, not to the type of fabric. Both percale and sateen come from cotton, and both can come from any of the three varieties of cotton. Thread count refers to the number of threads in one square inch of fabric. The higher the count, the softer and stronger the fabric, and the finer the quality of the sheet.

Percale Weave

•           Percale has a soft, powdery feel.

Percale is a plain weave fabric, meaning that the warp threads, which run lengthwise, and the weft threads, which run horizontal, cross each other one at a time. In other words, it is a simple one-over and one-under, 1:1 thread weave structure. This creates a matte, flat appearance. And precisely because percale threads are tightly woven, these sheets have a fine, soft, powdery texture and finish.

Sateen Weave

•           Sateen offers a feel of elegance.

Sateen sheets have an elegant and luxurious look and feel. They are made using a sateen weave: The warp threads, which run lengthwise, are interlaced with filling threads. The sateen weave structure is a multiple thread (usually three or four) over, and one under. The result is a lustrous, smooth-faced, slippery surface and a surprisingly durable fabric.





Egyptian cotton, the sign of Authenticity
This Kite Mark is the only guarantee that you will have that your products are 100% made from the best Egyptian cotton yarns and made entirely in Egypt. The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Trade owns this trademark and only grants a license to companies that can prove that their products only contain 100% pure Egyptian Gossypium Barbadense cotton

Suppliers in Egypt are licensed to use the Egyptian cotton logo and products are branded with this logo. The logo was developed by the Department of Trade and Industry in Egypt to authenticate the product and reduce forgeries.

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